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Reply letter to Finish Energy Club(From Chairman of CDHA, MR.Li Dawei)李总给芬兰能源俱乐部的回函


Dear Chairman Tuure Stenberg, Mr. Eero Pekkola:


I am so pleased to receive your letter.

首先非常感谢您们,此次中国城镇供热协会与芬兰能源俱乐部共同举办的“中芬能源日暨2017 中国供暖及清洁供暖论坛” 非常圆满和成功,这与贵方的鼎力支持是分不开的。

First of all, thank you very much for the strong and indispensable support for the successfully held of “Sino-Finnish Energy Day–China Heating Exhibition & Clean Heating Forum” by China District Heating Association and Finnish energy club together.


During the forum, senior manager, experts and scholars of heating companies and universities from all over the country come together, to discuss and research the new idea of green smart heating, new technologies and integrated solutions for central heating and cooling, and both gain quite abundant.


I believe that this is only the start of our exchange and cooperation in energy fields after the presidents meeting from our two countries, we will continue to engage in more meaningfully, environmentally friendly academic study and project cooperation in the future. I hope that under our efforts of both sides, Sino-Finnish demonstration project will successfully implementation at an early date, and make concerted efforts to achieve the grand goal of global clean heating .


We wish a happy cooperation between us and everlasting friendship







Li Dawei

Chairman of China District Heating Association

Board of Chairman of Beijing District Heating Group