Finnish Energy Club Offering

Finnish Energy Club Members Offering services and products including all the aspect in District Heating&Cooling

System level optimization – conceptual design and training of operation and maintenance

  • FORTUM is one of the largest DHC operation companies in the world, based in Finland, but operating DH and CHP also in Russia and elsewhere in Europe.
  • Moreover, the second largest district cooling system in Europe stays in Stockholm and is operated by FORTUM, for instance.

Production of Heating (and Cooling)

  • Biomass drying, pre-treatment combustion and gasification are the expertise of Ductor, VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland), and Valmet
  • Flue gas condensing heat recovery (e.g. economizer) can be designed and implemented by Valmet with large experience.
  • Gas engines of Wärtsilä produce electricity and heat in co-generation mode. Moreover, the engines can be started and stopped fast to provide support to the voltage variations, mainly caused by wind power availability, in the national power grid. In such cases, a gas boiler or heat accumulator shall act as back-up.
  • Gas burners of Oilon with NOx emission levels as low as 30mg/nm3 of flue gas represent the top quality in the world. Oilon produces also heat pumps up to 5 MW output capacity.

Heating Network

  • Optimal design of the networks reduces heat losses and optimizes investments as being carried out by Planora for almost all DH companies in Finland and some others abroad.
  • Reliable closing and control valves are manufactured by Vexve (butterfly and ball)

Building Interface

  • Substations (BLS) are manufactured by Gebwell as one of the largest manufacturers in the Nordic countries. The BLS comprises heat exchanger(s), pumps (Kolmeks) and various valves (Vexve) and control systems (Ouman).