Sino Finnish pilot project in Changyuan

Dunan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (the company) hired Planora Oy (consultant) in the company’s Changyuan district heating pilot project in 2017 to participate in the company’s Changyuan district Sino-Finnish heating pilot project and created expert database for the pilot area, and completed a grid hydraulic calculation to find the functional improvement of the existing district heating system to achieve the key performance indicators of the Finnish Energy Model (FEM) of the future Changyuan heating network.

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After 1 phase and 2 phase of the project, Both parties agree and recognize the following results achieved in the pilot project:

  • In the pilot area, all pipe sizes are reduced by one nominal DN size, saving approximately 20% of pipeline investment
  • Due to the reduced pipe size, the network heat loss is reduced by about 10%
  • In the Longshouyuan demonstration community, the thermal index (120 days) was reduced from 36 GJ/m2 to 0.31 GJ/m2, an increase of 14%
  • Optimize the future heating capacity demand from 174 MW to 116 MW in 2030, saving 30% of heat capacity and 20% of investment
  • Find the bottleneck of the current network
  • Suggestions on improving the existing district heating system
  • Supplement the original short-term and long-term development plan
  • Create a digital network model for future FEM cloud services


  • 在试点区域,所有管道尺寸均减少了一个标称DN尺寸,节省了约20%的管道投资
  • 由于管道尺寸减小,网络热损失减少了约10%
  • 在龙首苑示范小区中,热指标(120天)从36 GJ / m2降低到0.31 GJ / m2,提高了14%
  • 将2030年未来的供暖能力需求从174 MW优化到116 MW,将30%的热容量节省下来,将20%的投资节省下来
  • 查找当前网络的瓶颈
  • 关于改善现有区域供热系统的建议
  • 补充原始的短期和长期发展计划
  • 为未来的FEM云服务创建数字网络模型