Sino Finnish EIR Project

The Excellence in Renewal initiative (EIR) was launched in 2019 with Fortum as the lead enterprise, Synocus as the orchestrator, Planora and Gebwell as co partner, and with the support of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Business Finland.


The EIR initiative develops a framework for energy transition, particularly regarding district heating and cooling in the context of increased renewable energy, by driving both horizontal (energy sector) and vertical (different areas of expertise) information sharing and co-creation between leading experts.


EIR supports genuine long-term energy transformation initiatives by bringing together the best industrial players, research partners, and advisors through its transformational approach consisting of four phases:


  • Concept design
  • Feasibility study
  • Transition management (implementation)
  • Operations and maintenance management
  • 概念设计
  • 可行性研究
  • 过渡管理(实施)
  • 运营和维护管理