Planora Oy

planora_transparentPlanora Oy is an energy design company with extensive knowledge and experience within the entire energy field, including energy production, distribution and consumption, industrial planning, project management and consulting activities as well as Iisi-Netti web service.

Planora Oy was founded in 1987 and currently employs over 30 full-time energy engineers and consultants, environmental engineers, energy system designers, software developers and maintenance engineers.

The company provides design and engineering services including:

  • process and layout design of boiler plants on different fuels
  • district heating network design,
  • consulting on different heating solutions,
  • machine and equipment engineering,
  • feasibility studies,
  • peat bog production planning from start to finish

Special sector of Planora’s service

  • Optimizing the operation of the heating utility, giving technical specification and dimension to different network components and boiler plants.
  • Iisi-Netti Service(Digital Twin, FEM-Digital Energy Plantform, Data management service)

The company provides its customers with the most technically and economically viable  solutions for energy supply that improve efficiency and reliability, reduce environmental impact and increase profitability of customer’s energy supply activity.

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