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Establishment of the Finnish Energy Club



  • In Jan. 2010 the Russian Ministry of Energy and the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on co-operation in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.


  • Finnish-Russian Energy Club was established in August 2010 to implement the above mentioned MoU.


  • In Dec. 2010, the more detailed MoU was signed between the Russian Energy Agency and the Finnish-Russian Energy Club in St. Petersburg in attendance of the prime ministers of both countries.


  • In spring 2015 Finnish-Russian Energy Club decided to expand its activity area outside Russian Federation e.g. Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine and to use Finnish Energy Club name since that.


  • In June 2017, China District heating association and Finland energy club signed the strategic cooperation agreement on heating energy technology and projects between China District heating association and Finland energy club.