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Planora and Dunan Group

During 2018, Planora drew up a development plan for district heating operations in the city of Changua on behalf of the Dunan Group. The work was successful, and Dunan decided to build the Sino – Finland District Heating Demonstration Area. To declare this demonstration area, a “regional shield” was unveiled at an event in Changyuan on May 25, 2018. Below is a picture of the unveiling of the shield and the shield.

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Tero Tulokas became a new Chairman of Finnish Energy Club

The Finnish Energy Club’s Annual Meeting has elected Tero Tulokas as its Chairman. Tero Tulokas acts as the CEO of Oilon Group Oy.

Full members of the Board:

Tero Tulokas, Chairman of the Board                  Oilon Group Oy

Tuure Stenberg, Member of the Board                   Gebwell Oy

Mauno Pakarinen, Member of the Board                  Kolmeks Oy

Katja Granlund, Member of the Board                   Planora Oy

Jussi Vanhanen, Member of the Board            Vexve Oy

Kati Ruohomäki, Member of the Board                   EK

Deputy member of the Board

Esa Teppo Planora Oy

Expert Member of the Board

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