Finnish Energy Story

Finnish Energy Story highlights solutions that are used in the Finnish energy sector due to which Finnish energy sector has been acknowledged as the most efficient in the whole world and:

  • Finnish energy consumers are provided with the cheapest energy in Europe (electricity and heat)
  • Finnish energy companies make good profits
  • Finnish state, cities and municipalities are getting revenues from energy sector
  • The environment is thanking energy sector for low emissions, efficient energy production and utilization of local fuels

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Developing an efficient energy system has for decades been a high priority in the Finnish energy strategy due to the country’s energy-intensive industry, cold climate and long distances as well as scarce of own energy resources.

Remarkable results have been achieved by planning, optimizing and constructing the whole system, including production, transmission, usage and energy reserves, in an efficient and environmentally friendly way – from the very beginning.

In 2008, the International Energy Agency stated that Finland is the ‘model for the world’ in combined heat and power generation or co-generation with high efficiency and low emissions.