Presentation: State Grid Energy Research Institute

During the EIR speech, an excellent speech was given by :Mr. Han Xinyang,

He is the Director of Department of energy planning, State Grid Energy Research Institute form China. and also EIR partner
1.Understanding of the related planning and construction of the new urban energy
interconnection system architecture:


The main topic is about how China would develop the interconnection system especially in larger city for future, there are three stages in the development:

  • Subsystem development stage.
  • Cross system development.
  • Plarform level development

Introduction about the structure of city interconnection system, From the perspective of the physical structure, with functional areas (residents, commerce, industry) as the main body, and energy stations of different levels as the core, they are interconnected through functional networks to achieve energy interconnection and coordination.

According to the size of the energy interconnection area and the connection method, it is divided into three types: urban hub energy system, regional distributed energy supply system, and user multi-energy micro-grid.


One introduction case in China about how to use sewage water heat pump for heating.​

Another​ ​case in Beijing about how to provide energy for a hospital, the system combines trigeneration with Sewage water heat pump system.


And they have described the framework of smart energy system to be used in XiongAn, to build Electricity based multi energy coupling energy station, which they claim to reduce economic cost about 30%, 6% increase in energy efficiency.