Oilon logo posaOilon is one of the world’s leading companies in energy efficient and environmentally friendly energy product technology and services. Founded in 1961, Oilon today is an international family-owned company with long experience and focus on future and customer service. Our products are directed to equipment manufacturers and plant suppliers as well as customers and consumers.

Oilon develops and manufactures efficient and low emission energy, heating and cooling solutions for industry, property and energy company use. Our focus areas are energy efficiency, reducing emissions and utilization of renewable energy sources.

Oilon’s extensive burner family is among the largest in the industry and represents the latest environmentally friendly technology. We manufacture and sell burners, burner technology and combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels in the wide capacity range of 10 kW to 90 MW for all kinds of applications.

Our wide range of high-efficient ChillHeat industrial heat pumps and chillers offer optimized solutions for a wide variety of cooling and/or heating applications in large real estates, industry and production of district heating and cooling.
Our product range also covers large variety of economical and environmentally friendly ground source heat pumps.

Oilon’s headquarter is located in Lahti, Finland. Oilon has production facilities in Finland, China, United States and Russia. We have around 380 employees across three continents; in Finland, China, Russia, the United States, and Brazil. Oilon’s global dealer network covers more than 50 countries around the globe.

For more information: oilon.com