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Sino – Finnish Energy Days 2020

In the summer, it seemed that the grip of the corona in Finland and the world would be easier. Based on this, the Club and Business Finland started preparations for holding another Sino – Finnish Enegy Days.

The event was to be held in Beijing in connection with Minister Lintilä’s planned visit in November 2020.

During the summer, the situation changed, and the number of infections in Finland and elsewhere has increased. This has contributed to the tightening of travel restrictions for businesses and administrations.

This has also affected the plans to hold Sino – Finnish Energy Days in such a way that

The 2020 Energy Days are not being held, but preparations are being made

Sino – Finnish Energy Days in May 2021.

China and MOST

Chinese activities have continued in a slightly slower mode than planned.

The pilots envisaged in the ongoing MOST EIR project (Fortum-Gebwell-Planora) have not progressed as planned due to the corona.

The objectives of the Planora sub-project were presented in the application as follows

· Development of FEM concept for modular AI-based platform.

· Chinese market requirements

· Initiating of 2 – 3 Pilots and demonstrations.

According to Planora, most of the goals have been achieved so far, and the developed FEM concept is presented in the accompanying PDF file. The figure below shows the different data routes and utilization possibilities according to the FEM concept.


Efforts have also been made to take into account the requirements of the Chinese market in the developed concept.

The third goal, in order to create pilots, has been worked on throughout the project.

Pilot projects were reported in the previous Mail, and it has now been agreed with various parties that Dalian University and Planora will each apply for a MOST through a joint project plan, in which they have already wanted and promised to be pilot sites:

Qingdao residents about 7 million

Huanghua residents about 0.5 million

Chaoyang; about 3 million inhabitants

Discussions are still ongoing on the following topics:

Shijiazhuang residents about 5 million


All sites would be launched according to the FEM concept

Kl network digital twin creation

Connecting IoT points to a digital twin
Connecting IoT point data to the cloud service and leveraging the data to increase efficiency

Decisions on the scope of the tasks will be made during the autumn with all parties.

A presentation under Planora’s Chinese partner Hebei Huare Engineering will also be part of the project

Sino-Finnish Heating Industry Exhibition Center, where information related to the project and the results obtained in the project would also be collected.

Hebei Huaren Engineerign presentation below

Our company plans to build a Sino-Finnish heating industry exhibition center for new products and new technologies, which will showcase the advanced technologies, advanced products, advanced concepts, and typical cases of Finland and China. The purpose is to promote the Finnish energy model, advanced concepts, advanced technologies, and typical cases to domestic customers, competent authorities, and industry associations, etc., to lay the foundation for the next step of technology and product promotion. You are also welcome to recommend products and technologies from Finland and other related companies in Northern Europe to join the exhibition center.

At the same time, we plan to combine your ideas and technologies with the actual situation in my country to form a technical paper, which will be published in the country to promote the Finnish energy model. At that time, we hope you will provide all kinds of materials needed for the paper

If you are interested in an energy center or MOST project, please contact the undersigned. I can also be reached on 26 – 27.8 in Jyväskylä on district heating days by the department together (1).

You are also welcome to join the Club. In matters related to the club, you can contact me or Tero Tulokka, Chairman of the Club Board. Tero’s contact information is below

tero.tulokas@oilon .com

tel. 044 7576257


We are Better together


Finnish Energy Club – Planora

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