Energy Club and Planora’s 2020 affiliations on December 22, 2020

Energy club

2020 will be remembered as the year in which most of the plans made for the year changed.

The Energy Club had planned to hold another China – Finnish Energy Day during the spring of 2020.

This event was canceled and, based on today’s conservative estimate, such an event could take place in the fall of 2021.

Your corona situation in China and the world will be monitored, and once the situation calms down, the interest of companies in being involved in the upcoming event will be clarified.

As for the club, the activities have been Korona dormant. Hopefully, new enthusiasm will awaken the hibernation, as China will invest huge sums in carbon-neutral energy production in the coming years, as promised. Finland would have a lot to offer China and the world in achieving carbon-neutral energy production. After all, Finland has the best indicators in the energy sector in the world. You should be proud of these figures.

Planora and MOST project

Planora’s operations in 2020 have focused on Finland and the completion of the ongoing MOST project. Visits to China and other countries have taken place mainly through Teams meetings.

Due to the solutions made in Finland and the positive attitude of the customers (thank you all), Planora’s operations will continue with more determination in implementing the concept developed in the ongoing MOST project in Finland, China and around the world.

The concept is shown in the two figures below




To implement the concept in China, Planora has submitted a new MOST application to Business Finland, the Chinese partner of the application is Dalian University, which has made its own application in China.

In implementing the concept, they have wanted to join the application of Dalian University, e.g.

Beijing District Heating Group (BDHG) and

Chengde Heating Group.

Both companies are major district heating players in China.

I hope BF is receptive to the implementation of the project.

In summary

The Energy Club will continue to operate during 2021. Hopefully Korona will be defeated and the next energy days can be started.

For 2020, the club has not charged membership fees, and the same situation seems to continue during 2021, so now it would be worthwhile to get involved in the club’s activities to bring the FEM (Finnish Energy Model) concept to the world.

Planora continues to invest in the development of a concept based on the Digital Twin.
If you would like more information, please contact the undersigned.

In all activities, we should remember

We are good, but

We are even Better together

With the picture below, Energy Club and Planora wish everyone

Merry Christmas and a successful year 2021

Energy Club – Planora

Esa Teppo