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The Finnish Energy Club held the Sino – Finnish Energy Days in Beijing on 15-18 May 2017.

The Finnish Energy Model (FEM) and the world’s best key figures for the Finnish energy sector were presented at the days.

A similar event was held in Kazakhstan on 15-17 August 2017. Both events were very successful. In both countries, there was a desire to start implementing in accordance with the Finnish Energy Model.

When comparing energy efficiency in different countries, the figures below give a good picture of Finland’s energy efficiency. The comparison shows the power required by the same building mass in different countries and the amount of energy used to heat the same building mass.

In China                            In Russia                                 In Finland

Heating season                             4 months                          9 months                                12 months

Heated building volume          3.45 Mill. m3                    3.45 Mill. m3                          3.45 Mill. m3

Heating capacity need              105 MW                             190 MW                                     52 MW

Fuel need                                        222,401 MWh                569,659 MWh                       156,071 MWh


The heating season in China and Russia is location dependent. The above figures give a good idea of ​​how the environmental impact of the Finnish energy sector can be significantly reduced by implementing the Finnish energy sector in the above countries (including all former Soviet countries). The Finnish Energy Model (FEM) is usable all over the world.

In China, the launch of FEM operations has started in pilot projects, and new pilots are being launched there. To launch new projects and pilots, Planora, Fortum and Gebwell have received a positive decision from Business Finland for their MoST projects. MoST stands for Ministry of Science and Technology in China. MoST projects have sought to increase co-operation between Chinese and Finnish companies.

In addition to the goals presented in Planora’s application, Business Finland set an additional goal below

Through networked business cooperation, the Finnish district heating cluster must be raised to a significant player in the growing Chinese market, which at the same time supports export efforts in other similar markets.

In addition to the above, Planora’s goal is to have the Finnish Energy Sector’s operating model in China (a huge reduction in emissions). In addition, the goal is to further improve the efficiency of the Finnish Energy Model by developing, in cooperation with Chinese universities, the cloud services needed for three-point control in optimizing energy production, piloting these developed services and introducing them initially in Finland and China.

This activity is briefly presented in the attached pdf file.

If you want to hear more about the project or want to be involved in any way, please contact the undersigned

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