Planora and Dunan Group

During 2018, Planora drew up a development plan for district heating operations in the city of Changua on behalf of the Dunan Group. The work was successful, and Dunan decided to build the Sino – Finland District Heating Demonstration Area. To declare this demonstration area, a “regional shield” was unveiled at an event in Changyuan on May 25, 2018. Below is a picture of the unveiling of the shield and the shield.

图片 图片23

The aim is to build the area in accordance with the Finnish Energy Model (FEM). Construction began as early as 2017, when heat distribution centers were installed in some of the properties in the area. The design of the demonstration area was agreed between Dunan Group and Planora, and the design was mainly carried out during the summer of 2018. The design included the design of the district heating network in the area and the heat distribution centers for most of the properties.

The plans were mainly implemented during the autumn of 2018, and the implementation was put into operation in December 2018. Currently, the monitoring of the success of the implementation, the implementation of the rest of the plans and the summary of the results of the heating season 2018-2019 are underway. The implementation of the expansion of the demonstration area is also being discussed.

Visit to China April 6-13, 2019

Planora visited China 6 -13.4.2019. In addition to the undersigned, Planora was represented by Katja Granlund and Yu Li. Katja Granlund’s task is Management Consulting, including profitability studies related to district heating operations as well as investment plans and calculations. Katja has been doing these jobs at Planora for over twenty years. Yu Li started at Planora in May 2017, and his role is in activities related to China’s district heating sector, with a particular focus on FEM operations.

The program of the visit was very concise and included the following items

4/7 Sunday, Tianjin City
Evening meeting with North China Municipal Design Institute

08/04 Monday
Meeting continue
Evening train to – Shijiazhuang
Evening meeting with Hebei Huare Design Institute

09/04 Tuesday and 10/04 Wednesday
Meetings with
– Hebei Huare Design Company
– Hebei Sciency & Technology Institute
– Hebei District Heating Association
– Xingbang Pipe Company
– Evening train to Taian
– Evening meeting with Shandong Heating Company

11/04 Thursday
Meeting continue
Evening train to Beijing

12/04 Friday
Meetings with
-Hebei Huarei Design company
– Beijing DH Association

13/04 Saturday back to Finland

As concrete actions it was agreed e.g. the following:

Beijing District Heating Association
Come and visit during May 2019 to get acquainted with the FEM operating model and the Iisi-Netti platform

The aim is to take the FEM pilot outside the city of Beijing, as no information on the Beijing district heating network may be provided outside the BDHG. Coming to visit in the fall of 2019.

Hebei District Heating Association
Signed a cooperation agreement between MoU Hebei District Heating Association and Energy Club.

Hebei Huare Design Company
Partnership agreements were signed between Hebei Huare Design Company and Planora to launch an FEM-based pilot in Hebei Province in 2019, and an agreement was reached to localize Planora’s Iisi-Netti service for Hebei Huare Design Company.

The photos below of the signing ceremony of the partnership agreements and the unveiling of the slab related to the launch of the China-Finland Heating Technology Center.

图片3 图片2



In summary, all the sites visited wanted to achieve energy sector efficiency figures in line with the FEM model. In addition to this, everyone was interested in utilizing the Iisi-Netti platform. A very large market potential was seen for Finnish energy expertise in China, and events such as the one organized by the Energy Club in 2017 were also hoped for in all the provinces visited.

China offers a huge market for the Finnish energy sector. These markets want solutions based on the FEM operating model and Finnish components that support this solution.

The attached presentation presents the future operating model of the energy sector. The message of the presentation seemed to include, and the interest in utilizing the Energy Sector Platform materialized in Huare’s decision to start utilizing the Iisi-Netti Platform.

In Chinese operations, we should remember that

We are Better together

At least that wouldn’t hurt anyone.



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